2002 - 4th of July Picnic - It was so

much more than just  a "Pond Party", Jan's big annual event brings friends and family together from all over the region.

2003 - 4th of July Picnic - An annual

picnic that has also become a well-attended

camp-out and Harley Drive-In.

2004 - 4th of July Cochon de Lait -

That's Cajun for "Suckling Pig Roast"The

Siehler Farm again played host to the popular

annual picnic & camp out.

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Hungarian Visit 2005

Jesse returns for a Math Reunion & Jan

visits Hungary for the first time

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Barry's Bonaire Condo  - 


The condo is privately owned and located within

The Sand Dollar Condominium Resort.  Special

rates and considerations can be applied to reser-

vations made directly through the owner. 

Call and arrange your perfect get-away vacation.


The Sawmill & Lumber Collective  - 



Created to gather small sawmill operators for an

exchange of ideas and information about running a

business or pursuing a hobby in such a unique and

satisfying field.


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Katrina Adventure 2005

"Jan & Joanie go to Louisiana"

after Hurricane Katrina

Siehler Sawmill & Lumber Co.

Learn about Jan's 1917 Frick sawmill, and

the unique pieces of lumber it can produce.

Jan's Annual 4th of July Pond Parties:

Click a link to revisit the fun from each year

2005 - 4th of July Extravaganza - Celebrating "The 4th, on the 3rd, with a 5th".  Jan's grandson, Alex, acted as The Grand Bubble Marshall for the event.

2006 - 4th of July "Drive-Inn"  -  The year of the "Mobile Hotel" - photos will be online soon!  The fun lasted from Fri thru Mon, with Sunday Night Fireworks!

2007 - Mark your calendars!

This year the 4th lands on a Wednesday, so the week-

end will begin June 29th.  Fireworks and entertainment

highlights will be on Saturday, June 30th.

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Citizens for Smart Growth in Allegany County  - 

Citizen group concerned about incompatible develop-

ment in eastern Allegany County, and organized to

advocate for better land use planning and greater

accountability from county officials.

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