Jan and Barry

Taking a dip at Swallow Falls


The gang's all here:  Ed, Jackie, Mitch, Joanie, Bobby, Jan, Gary, Eric, Evan, Peggy, David with dog, Allison, Barry and Robert. 
Mitch, Barry and Randy are in the background.

Cooling off up in Garrett County

Roasting the Pig: 
Randy, Jan, Dennis and Barry

Testing Joanie's 1974 TC-125Suzki:
Jan, Mitch and Gary

Bobby and Aunt Joanie

Shelley and Ed taking a dip

Barry, Mark, Randy, Ed and Peggy
have it made in the shade

The Tomato King

Ed demonstrates his diving skills

Ed, Barry, Jan and Dennis

The hills are steep in western Maryland

Eric, Randy, Barry, Gary, Mark, Mitch and Randy perform a
little-known carving ritual before serving the roasted pig.

Stopping for refreshments at
Mountain House: 
Peggy, Eric, Gary, Mitch, Randy & Barry

Bobby, Jesse and Noemi go fishing

Barry & Randy taking it easy

Jesse and Artie

A toast at Shelley's to guarantee a successful weekend:
Evan, Mark, Ed, Randy, Peggy, Evan, Allison
Shelley, Barry, Gary, Mitch, Eric, Randy

Jan and Evan

Jackie, Robert, Allie & Dubes

Eric in the foreground, with Allison, Ed, Peggy, Mark, Gary, Randy, Barry and Randy looking on.

Beautiful camping weather along Allegany County's mighty Pea Vine Run.